Healthy new site

I have always been interested in health and living a healthy life.  My grandmother died of breast cancer in her 40s. I never new her.  My father-in-law had a stroke in his 50s and lived 20 years more… but with a much reduced quality of life.  These experiences have made health a core value.  I am not as good at being healthy I could be, but I do take time to make good choices and keep in mind that a life worth living should be a life well lived.  For me that includes being in good health so you can both give your best and enjoy the people and world around you.

Next time you can walk up stairs, breath in fresh air in the forest, or dance the night away — remember you are currently blessed and that being healthy should not be taken for granted.

Good news for us though… I just notice an old boss of mind, Rebecca Norlander, has created a new tech start up focusing on health!  She is a great person for this.  Visionary, health conscious, engaging, and a nerd at heart… perfect to bring health and technology together.

So, don’t wait… check out her team’s new site:

Here’s to your health and a new tool which might help!